Diamond Grille Security Doors & Security Screens

Safeway Security Screens offers Perth homeowners the option to upgrade their home’s security measures with our diamond grille security screen door.

Also known as the SW07 Grille, this type of security screen is suited to a wide range of doors, including hinged and sliding options. It has been the most popular security door on the market for decades—and with good reason.

With the Diamond Grille security screen installed on the doors in your Perth home, you can keep your family safe from intruders while adding appeal to your property.

Security Screens & Doors That Won’t Break the Bank

The Diamond Grille security door is one of our more popular security screen door options not just for the protection it brings, but also its price. With its well-known design and security features, it can offer similar protection to more expensive doors, but at a price that is cost-efficient, perfect for any Perth homeowner.

Safeway Security Screens offers Diamond Grille security doors in various designs and configurations.

Colour Selector

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Here is a selection of Safeway Security Screen‘s most popular colours. You can find them in 14 standard Colorbond colours or we can have your screen door custom powder-coated to match your existing door structure and home.

Fly Screen Doors & Security Screens

The Diamond Grille is known for its distinctive mesh pattern. It’s made from 7mm aluminium and is pressed into an aluminium frame with an added flywire insert for screen doors.

The design of the grille or screen is riveted and regularly spaced around the frame, resulting in a screen door that keeps not just intruders but also bugs out.

Pet-Proof Security Screens

If you have pets and need to keep them safe inside the house, you can replace the flywire insert with the pet mesh instead. It also keeps bugs out, but it is also tough enough to handle pets that may jump against and onto the grille.

Privacy and Security Screen Doors

Need privacy to increase security in your home? You can get it with a one-way mesh installed into your Diamond Grille security door. With this mesh, you can easily see outside while making it difficult for those on the outside to see into your home.

Benefits of Diamond Grille Security Doors

  1. Enhanced Security

With a security screen door installed in your home, you can add another layer of protection for you and your family. Made with quality locks and designed with security in mind, your entrances will be more difficult to break into.

  1. Pet Protection and Bug Repellent

With pet mesh and flywire inserts available for installation, you can keep your pets safe inside your home while keeping mosquitoes and other bugs out.

  1. Increased Privacy

Apart from the pet mesh and flywire, Safeway Security Screens also offers a one-way mesh that obscures people’s view into your home without limiting your view outside.

Secure Your Property with Safeway Security Screens

Safeway Security Screens is Perth’s most trusted provider of security doors and screens for residential properties. After over 30 years of being a specialist provider of locally manufactured screen doors, we know the products and services that guarantee customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure are Diamond Grille screens?

Safeway Security Screens oversees the manufacturing of the Diamond Grille screen. We use only the top materials, including Lockwood Locks, and ensure that every product is tested against the latest Australian Standards.

How do you clean diamond grille screens?

The Diamond Grille screen door is easy to clean! Simply use a wet sponge or cloth to initially wash the screen and frame. Next, wash the screen with a soft cloth and some detergent, then rinse with clean water.

How soon can you visit my place to install a diamond grille security door?

The demand for security screen doors and other products are seasonal, but we typically get back to you 1-5 days after your initial consultation. We will provide a quote after inspecting your property, and we can then install your security doors in around 1-3 weeks.

What colours are available?

For the Diamond Grille security doors, we offer 14 standard Colorbond colours, as well as a custom powder coat so you can match your screen door with your home’s existing palette.


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