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    Best Types of Custom-Built Security Doors

    Although there’s been a slight decrease in break-ins in Australia, the number is still too high to disregard. Of course, we all know that the best way to prevent burglaries is to keep our windows and doors closed, but sometimes regular doors just don’t cut it when it comes to experienced burglars. What’s more, the……

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    Factors to Consider When Buying Fly Screens

    Summers in Australia can reach average temperatures ranging from 18.6 – 25.8°C (65.5 – 78.4°F) and last twice as long as winters. During this season, opening doors and windows provide relief from the heat. However, some homeowners hesitate to let in the fresh, cool breeze because of unwanted visitors—pesky insects, bugs and pests! Safeway Security……

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    What are the Benefits of Installing Security Doors?

    When most people think of security, the first thing that comes to mind is a lock on the door. But there are many other ways to keep your home safe from burglars and other intruders, such as installing a security door. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to get custom-made security doors in Perth. So, if you’re……

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    What to Consider When Choosing a Home Security Door

    According to a report by Statista, 238,100 households in Australia reported a break-in from April 2020 to April 2021. In the same time period, the report also shows that nearly 140,000 households experienced an attempted burglary. This may seem like a small number in a country of about 26 million people, but think about how……

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    The Importance of Installing Security Screens at Home

    The Western Australia Police Force is committed to reducing crime and making the community feel safer. Despite their best efforts, however, they can’t control what people do. So while selected offences against property dropped 15.1% from the 5-year average, the total selected offences against property still increased from 48,423 in 2020-21 to 61,669 in 2021-22….…

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    Should You Install Door and Window Security Screens at Home?

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over a million households in Australia experienced one or more household crimes between 2019 and 2020. Specifically, the Bureau reported that: 238,100 households experienced a break-in 185,800 households experienced an attempted break-in 62,800 households experienced motor vehicle theft in their property 448,800 experienced malicious property damage While there……

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    What to Look For in Home Security Screen Doors

    When choosing a home to target, burglars check for lack of security. If your home has few security measures, you may become one of their victims. There’s no need to worry, though. You can remedy this by having a home security screen door installed at your home. A home security door will help deter and……

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    How To Measure and Install a Security Screen Door

    Security screen doors in Australia are held to a high standard. The National Security Screen Association has detailed a list of regulations that determine the integrity of a screen door.  But all of these regulations are moot without the primary foundation in place: Making sure that your security screen is installed correctly in the first place. Measuring……

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    The Cost of Security Screens in Australia

    Break-ins occurred in 2.4% of Australian houses in 2020, with doors and windows being the most common access points for burglars. So, every home may benefit from an additional layer of security. One of the best ways to eliminate such threats is to install security screen locks on your home. Security screens are designed to……

  • How to Measure a Security Screen Door The Right Way

    Reinforcing your doors is one of the best and cheapest ways to secure your home. A well-placed security screen door not only helps keep you or your family safe from intruders but it can also: Protect your main doors from the elements and extreme weather Help maintain privacy Offer natural light and better air circulation  ……

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    How to Clean Security Screen Doors: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Security doors and windows are designed to last for years but, like everything else in your home, they still require regular maintenance. If you noticeyour screen door or window creaking or developing rust, those could be signs of poor upkeep. Improperly or poorly maintained screen doors aren’t able to perform their intended function of improving……

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    5 Reasons to Install Security Screen Doors

    Crime statistics from the West Australia Police Force show a noticeable decrease in dwelling burglaries in Western Australia. Data from 2018-19 show a total of 23,494 offences while there were 21,183 offences reported in the 2019-20 data. As of this writing, there are 10,564 reported cases this financial year. These numbers don’t mean you should……


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