The Cost of Security Screens in Australia

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Break-ins occurred in 2.4% of Australian houses in 2020, with doors and windows being the most common access points for burglars. So, every home may benefit from an additional layer of security. One of the best ways to eliminate such threats is to install security screen locks on your home.

Security screens are designed to enhance house security and can also be used as a home improvement. But how much do security screens cost? Security screen doors prices are determined by several factors, including size, material and style.

Safeway Security Screens discusses the average cost of security screens and what else you should know before buying to assist you in making the best security screen door purchase possible.

How Much are Security Screens?

There are many kinds of security screens on the market in Australia, and the price for each can vary by a few hundred dollars, so getting at least three quotations from different security door vendors is a good idea.

Customising and installing a standard-sized security screen door costs between $1000 and $1400. Keep in mind that custom-made products are way more expensive because there are many factors involved such as their lock, colour and style.

A standard size door in Australia is approximately 820mm (width) x 2040mm (height). If you have a larger door, it will cost a little more.

At Safeway Security System, you may choose from our affordable security doors.

  • Diamond Grille Security Doors & Security Screens – $520 plus $89 if a build-out frame is required
  • Perforated Aluminium Security Doors – $689 plus $89 if a build-out frame is required
  • SecureView Security Doors – $795 plus $89 if a build-out frame is required

You may also browse ourwebsite for a more detailed product guide and to determine which security screen is appropriate for your needs.

What You Need to Know About Security Screen Standards and Tests in Australia


Security screens can be used on doors and windows, but they must meet Australian Standards. These standards ensure that your security doors can withstand a reasonable level of force and strain, preventing intruders from entering your home.

All security screens must meet Australian Standards. Among the criteria are:

  • AS 5039 specifies the grilles and screens standard

It refers to the ability of grilles and screens to resist off break-in attempts. Cutting a screen or penetrating a grille should be extremely difficult.

  • AS 5040 specifies the installation of security windows and doors

It involves the installation of security doors and windows. They should be installed such that an attacker can’t pry the hinges off and gain access to the house.

  • AS 5041 includes the tests security windows and doors screens must undergo

This standard is more important than the others since security doors and windows must be tested in order to be marketed as “security” features. The following are some of the tests:

  • Pull test
    • Probe test
    • Shear test
    • Jimmy test
    • Dynamic impact test
    • Knife shear test

These tests are intended to evaluate a security screen’s resistance to various forms of break-ins. They alsocover every possible method an intruder may use to gain access to a residencelike knives, and security screens must pass all of them.

Other factors to consider when choosing security screens


A security screen with a release mechanism should be installed on at least one window in each room in the case of a fire. The window can be quickly released in the event of a fire because the release mechanism only works within the house.


Another concern is doors, which should always have keys near the door to allow you to escape in the event of an emergency. Although the keys are inside the house and out of reach of burglars, everyone in the house should know where they are and keep them close to the security door.

Other things to look for in security screens you buy, depending on your location:

  • If you reside in a bushfire-prone location, make sure your screens aren’t flammable.
  • Some security screens feature cyclone debris protection, which protects against storm-driven debris brought in by strong winds. Also, if cyclones hit your location, invest in security screens that have been cyclone-tested.
  • Some security windows are designed to keep kids from slipping out of windows accidentally.

How to buy security screens?

It all depends on the level of security you need and the style you desire for your home. If you reside in an area where break-ins are common, you should consider a steel door with a steel screen.

A sturdy aluminium screen door may suffice if you only want to give the impression of security while keeping bugs away.

Some things to look for when buying security screens:

  • The mesh should be impenetrable
  • The mesh should allow air to circulate throughout the house
  • A lifetime warranty on security screens
  • Have them installed by a trained professional

Get Your Security Screen Installed

The cost of the security screen is determined by your specific needs. Getting a complete measurement and quote will provide you with the most accurate estimate of what you should expect to pay and the best product for your home.

For over 28 years, Safeway Security Screens has been manufacturing and installing security screens. We are highly competent security screen installers who specialise in providing high-quality products to secure your house.

Call us today at (08) 9256 3466 or fill out our online form for a free security assessment and quote.

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