Security Window Screens – That Look Good and Keep You Safe!

The Australian lifestyle, plus the weather conditions in Perth, mean that security window screens are more than just an optional extra — they are an essential design feature. They afford you the opportunity to keep windows open and ventilate your home with fresh air during hot weather (thereby helping to minimise your energy bills), while still ensuring that your home is safe and protected by products that meet Australian Standards.

Security window screens are tough and versatile and can be fitted to windows of all shapes and sizes, even the largest feature windows. The variety of designs, colours and styles on offer also means that window screens can be incorporated into any type of design concept.

Choose from a Range of Security Window Screens Styles and Designs

We are proud to be able to offer Perth homeowners a selection of security window screens, designed to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

SecureView Security Window Screens

SecureView security window screens meet all Australian Standards with regard to fixed windows, hinged windows and sliding windows, and so can be fitted in just about any style of Perth home or business premises.


Designed without bars or grilles, SecureView security screens give you a completely unencumbered view (especially important when fitted to a feature window), while at the same time providing strong protection and security owing to the marine-grade stainless steel construction and the use of tamper-proof stainless-steel screws.

Perforated Aluminium Security Window Screens

Featuring tamper proof stainless steel screws and a 1.6 mm thick screen, perforated aluminium security window screens provide high levels of protection with a sleek, contemporary style that can be incorporated into a variety of home designs. They also provide high levels of privacy, and so for homes located in busy areas they are an especially effective solution.


In addition, as perforated aluminium security window screens are constructed to be highly corrosion resistant, these are the security window screen of choice for Perth homeowners with coastal properties or homes by the beach.

Diamond Grille Security Window Screens

With their distinctive diamond mesh pattern made from 7 mm aluminium, diamond grille security window screens are noted for their strength, and are especially resistant to the damage that can be caused by pets jumping up against them. You also have the option to include one-way mesh, which increases the level of privacy offered, and they are available in a range of colours to fit in with a variety of design styles.


Featuring an aluminium frame and tamper-proof stainless-steel screws, diamond grille security window screens are one of the most cost-effective home security options available.

Perth Specialists in Security Window Screens

If you want to have a choice from a variety of high-quality security window screens, combined with quick, efficient fitting and first rate service, then speak to Safeway Security Screens first. We can customise security screens to fit all sizes and styles of windows, including fixed windows, hinged windows and sliding windows.

The construction and fitting of our window screens conform to Australian Standard AS5039 and AS5040, so you can be assured that you will be getting a quality product that is designed to meet your specific needs.

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