Custom-Built Security Doors for Perth Homes

According to the West Australia Police, Perth averaged over 13,000 dwelling burglaries between 2018 and 2023. A dwelling burglary is defined as “entering a dwelling without consent with the intent to commit an offence.”

Therefore, the need for robust home security is obvious. Installing home security screen doors for your residential property in Perth is an ideal and cost-effective first step in keeping your home safe.

At Safeway Security Screens, we specialise in installing a range of security doors that not only provide you and your family with peace of mind that your home is protected by products that meet Australian Standards, but also look good and enhance the appearance and value of your property.

A Range of Security Doors to Protect You and Your Property

As we are Perth security door specialists, we provide a range of options that assist in keeping your property safe from intruders.

SecureView Security Doors

We specialise in fitting top quality SecureView security doors, noted for their contemporary design features and protective strength. Constructed from marine grade stainless steel, these doors exceed all the relevant Australian Standards and come in a range of colours so that they blend seamlessly with the design features of your home.


SecureView is one of the most popular types of security doors Perth homeowners opt for because they don’t feature a conventional grill or bar design, meaning you have unimpeded views even when the security door is fully closed.

Perforated Aluminium Security Doors

Renowned for both their strength and durability, perforated aluminium security doors are corrosion resistant (making them ideal for beach side and coastal properties) and are available in a range of colours to suit most contemporary design concepts.

Perforated aluminium security doors provide an affordable, yet still practical and attractive security door solution, as they afford you a modern look combined with solid home security at a price that will appeal.


Diamond Grill Security Doors

Diamond grille security doors are instantly recognisable and are probably the most common variety of security doors Perth homes have installed (particularly older properties). These provide one of the most cost-effective security door options on the market today, and are notable for their versatility and strength.


These security screen doors are available in two types:

  • Sliding Security Doors

Perfect for homes with sliding rear and laundry doors, sliding screen doors not only add security for your home but add a sleek, contemporary feel as well.

  • Hinged Security Doors

Traditional hinged security doors allow you to add protection to your hinged front, rear and side doors and provides protection for your home visible from the street.

Benefits of Installing Residential Security Doors

When people think of home security, the first thing that usually comes to mind is an alarm system. But with a security screen door, you don’t need to invest in an expensive security system to enjoy various safety benefits.

  1. Improve security

The main purpose of installing a security screen door is, of course, to beef up your Perth home’s security. Compared to a regular door, these doors are usually tougher and sturdier, made from professional grade materials and designed to make them difficult to destroy.

  1. Maintain privacy

Privacy is another concern many homeowners. Custom-built security doors enhance the privacy in a property, thanks to their perforated mesh screen. Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that these extra measures prevent strangers from having a direct line of sight into your home.

  1. Deter burglars

Burglars avoid homes that are difficult to break into. That is why adding another set of doors to your property, like security screen doors, will make them think twice about breaking and entering.

  1. Keep children and pets safe

Adding security screen doors is a great way to keep your home light and airy without worrying about toddlers or pets running out onto the street. This type of door restricts their access to certain areas while you may be otherwise occupied.

  1. Increase natural light and ventilation

When the weather is humid, you want as much fresh air to flow into your home as possible. And if you don’t have big windows, then keeping your door open can add natural light into your home.

You can do both of these without compromising your safety if you have a security screen door; you can keep it closed while your main door is open.

  1. Add value to your property

Any configuration that enhances security adds value to a property. So if you have plans of selling your home someday, you’ll get a return on investment from installing quality security screen doors.

  1. Enhance the feeling of safety

When you know your entrances are secure, both from the threat of burglars and for any toddler or pet you may have, you’re more likely to feel relaxed in your home. This also applies to people living alone. Security screen doors add a level of privacy and security, so you can feel safe in your home.

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Why Choose Safeway Security Screens

As we are specialists in security doors in Perth, we can offer you expert advice and guidance as to what sort of door will best suit you and your budget. Whether it’s home security, or you are looking for security doors for commercial or business premises, speak to Safeway Security Screens to discuss all of the options available.

Our range of services includes custom-built security doors, all of which conform to Australian Standard AS5039 with regard to their manufacture, while our fitting and installation service also conforms to AS5040. This means that we can always meet your specific needs, and are able to design and fit security doors for a variety of purposes and in all types of locations.

Contact Safeway Security Screens for Perth Security Doors

Safeway Security Screens has experience stretching back over decades, and so no-one understand the type of security doors Perth homeowners want and need more than us. Call Safeway Security Screens on (08) 9256 3466 or email us to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can you visit my place to install a security door?

The demand for security screen doors and other products is seasonal, but we typically get back to you 1-5 days after your initial consultation. We can provide a quote after conducting an initial inspection of your property. We will then install your security doors 1- 3 weeks later.

Do you offer discounts on large projects?

Yes, we do. Usually, clients who opt for a full house security, including all doors and windows, receive a 10% discount.

Do you have a security door that matches my home?

Definitely! All our security screen doors come in a wide range of colours and frame materials so it’s easy to find one that will seamlessly work with the design of your property.

How secure are your screen doors?

All our security screen doors are made from professional-grade material, fitted with Lockwood Locks and Whitco Saw-Tooth Triple Locks. Additionally, they are tested to meet the latest Australian Standards.


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