How to Measure a Security Screen Door The Right Way

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Reinforcing your doors is one of the best and cheapest ways to secure your home. A well-placed security screen door not only helps keep you or your family safe from intruders but it can also:

Protect your main doors from the elements and extreme weather

Help maintain privacy

Offer natural light and better air circulation  

However, getting a security screen door might seem overwhelming since it involves correctly measuring your existing entryway first. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of measuring a security screen door, so you can get one that perfectly fits your home.  

What You’ll Need   

You will need three things to take the door measurements: a tape measure, a pen, and a notepad. Once you’re at the location where you plan to install the security screen door, make sure to measure from the outside. 

By measuring the door from the outside looking in, you’ll be able to get accurate measurements and know exactly where the security screen door will be installed. It will also prevent any confusion regarding the correct location of the lock side. 

1. Check The Entry For Possible Obstructions

Before getting the measurements, inspect above and around the entryway for any obstructions that might interfere with the swing of the security screen door. Examples of these obstructions are:

  • Doorbells
  • Low overhangs
  • Light fixtures
  • Vegetation
  • Existing or previous entry door handles

If there are any obstructions, take note of their location and proceed to measure the door. 

2. Find The Rough Opening Height   

Take the tape measure and place it at the bottom of the door frame. For accurate results, place the tape measure at least 6 inches from the door’s jamb just in case the frame isn’t true. This means you’ll be measuring close to the center of the door. 

Pull the tape measure up to the underside of the door’s top frame. Take note of the measurement as this is now your “rough opening height.” It would be best to take at least two more measures to make sure they are accurate.

3. Find The Rough Opening Width 

To measure the rough opening width, you need to measure the frame in three places:

  • Top: 6 inches below from the top frame
  • Bottom: 6 inches above the lower frame (sill)
  • Center: It doesn’t have to be precisely at the center of the door. Feel free to do a rough estimate

Take measurements of the door’s width in all three locations. It’s best to repeat the measurements at least twice to ensure accuracy. Once you have the three measurements, choose the smallest one. That should be your rough opening width.

4. Measure Handle Height 

The standard security screen door’s handle height is 39½ inches. To make sure there’s no possible interference with your main door’s handle, measure from the lower frame up to the bottom of the existing door’s handle or lock. 

If your measurements are between 38½ inches and 40½ inches, it could result in interference. For this situation, you can try out three solutions:

  • Measure from the door’s lower frame (sill) to the top of the main door’s lock or handle. Add at least 125mm above the current measurement, and that is where the security screen door’s handle should be. 
  • Take a measure from the door’s lower frame (sill) up to the bottom part of the main door’s lock or handle. Subtract at least 70mm from the measurement, and that’s another option where you can place the security screen door’s handle.
  • Another excellent option is to consider mounting your security screen door with an opposite swing to avoid interference.   

Measurement Guide

Once you have the proper measurements, it’s time to determine which range they fit. Here’s a measurement guide to help you choose the door size based on your measurements.

Surface Mount Security Screen Door 

Door SizeRough Opening WidthRough Opening Height
30″ x 80″29-1/2″ – 30-1/2″79-3/4″ – 81-3/4″
32″ x 80″31-1/2″ – 32-1/2″79-3/4″ – 81-3/4″
36″ x 80″35-1/2″ – 36-1/2″79-3/4″ – 81-3/4″
36″ x 96″35-1/2″ – 36-1/2″95-3/4″ – 97-3/4″
60″ x 80″59-1/2″ – 60-1/2″79-3/4″ – 81-3/4″

Recessed Mount Security Screen Door

Door SizeRough Opening WidthRough Opening Height
30″ x 80″29-7/8″ – 30-3/8″80″ – 80-1/2″
32″ x 80″31-7/8″ – 32-3/8″80″ – 80-1/2″
36″ x 80″35-7/8″ – 36-3/8″80″ – 80-1/2″
36″ x 96″35-7/8″ – 36-3/8″96″ – 96-1/2″
60″ x 80″59-7/8″ – 60-3/8″80″ – 80-1/2″

Getting the measurements may look complicated, but this simple guide will help you do it easily. Taking the correct measurements is essential in ensuring proper installation for your security screen door. 

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