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Western Australia is home to a thriving ecosystem of bugs, pests and other pesky little insects. From mites to mosquitoes, these insects can be a nuisance to everyday life. Which is why installing security fly screens is a must to stay comfortable inside your Perth home.

It’s hard to imagine any sort of home in Perth not having a fly screen door, regardless of its style or when it was built. Long part of the Australian landscape in both urban and rural areas alike, the fly screen doors Perth homeowners tend to opt for have, however, evolved, and you now have significant choice and variety when it comes to styles and features. Nevertheless, the central function of the fly screen door remains the same as it always has been — as a way of being able to keep your doors and windows open while making sure the flies and mosquitoes stay out.

The major difference between contemporary fly screen doors and earlier versions is that they now also double as security doors, and so most homeowners now view a fly screen door not only as a means of keeping a home insect free, but also as an additional layer of security. There is the added bonus that as well as preventing fly and bugs from entering the home, modern security fly screen doors also act as a visual deterrent to opportunistic burglars.

Our Security Fly Screen Doors

We manufacture and install three different varieties of security fly screens, and these can be customised to suit any style of home, giving you both protection and privacy.

SecureView Fly Screen Doors

These premium fly screen doors are constructed using high quality stainless steel, and are available in a range of colours. Stylish and ultra-contemporary in design, SecureView fly screen doors are nevertheless exceptionally strong and provide not only a barrier to flying insects, they are also a highly effective security door that will help to keep your home safe.

The biggest advantage to installing SecureView fly screen doors Perth homeowners have found is that even when the door is closed, you still have completely uninterrupted views, as there are no grilles or bars in the way. This means they fit in extremely well with a range of modern design concepts, while still doing the job of the traditional screen door.


Perforated Aluminium Fly Screen Doors

Featuring 1.6 mm thick aluminium in the screen, perforated aluminium fly screen doors are exceedingly strong and ideal for beach or coastal properties, as they are powder coated and so highly resistant to corrosion. The perforated mesh not only keeps insects out, but also gives you added privacy, so even if you live in an area with a lot of passing traffic, you can still feel comfortable knowing that people can’t see into your home from the street.


You also get additional protection for your home with the inclusion of Lockwood locks (on hinged fly screen doors) or Whitco triple locks (on sliding screens), along with tamper-proof stainless-steel screws.

Diamond Grille Fly Screen Doors

Our diamond grille fly screen doors are the most cost effective screens that we manufacture and install, and they serve as an effective security door as well. The 7 mm diamond grille and flywire insert are securely attached to the aluminium frame, making it extra strong and an effective way to keep all sorts of unwanted intruders out.


You also have the option of including one-way mesh, making it difficult for people outside to see in (while still giving you a clear view), or you can opt for pet mesh instead of flywire, so your over-enthusiastic pets don’t damage the screen when they jump against it.

Benefits of Installing Security Fly Screen Doors

  1. Keep insects out

The main purpose of fly screen doors is to keep insects out. So if it’s mosquito season or there’s just an influx of pesky bugs in your area, fly screens will be able to prevent them from getting into your house. No more pesky bugs flying around, landing on everything and generally being annoying.

  1. Protect children from harm

Toddlers love to explore, but it could be dangerous when their curiosity causes them to get into trouble. One moment, they’re playing peacefully, the next they’re stumbling out the door and into the streets. You can prevent this from happening with a security fly screen door.

  1. Enhance home security

All our security fly screens are constructed as burglar-deterring security screen doors and windows and are available in a range of designs, colours, and price points. As such, they have a strong structure that provides additional protection on your door against burglars.

  1. Increase natural light and ventilation

When the weather is hot and humid, you want as much fresh air to flow into your home as possible. With security fly screens you can let natural light and air stream through your home without jeopardising your security or your privacy.

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Why Choose Safeway Security Screens

We have been supplying a range of security fly screen doors to help Perth homeowners keep their properties secure for nearly thirty years. We can customise any of our security fly screen doors to meet your exact specifications, and can design and install security doors in a range of colours and styles to suit both your property and your budget.

Safeway Security Screens is also proud to offer a Best Price Guarantee and a Lifetime Component Warranty on all of our security fly screen doors, so you can rest assured that you are getting both excellent value and outstanding service.

Safeway Security Screens for Perth’s best security fly screen doors

We are happy to provide a free, no obligation quote on all of our security fly screen doors, so call us today on (08) 9256 3466 or email us, and one of our team will be in touch to arrange to come and see you at your home or business premises anywhere in Perth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do security fly screens block out the light?

No, they do not! Each of our fly screen options allow plenty of light to stream through and you have the choice to opt for screens that allow relatively more light through or less to suit your desired aims.

Will security fly screens keep every insect out?

Safeway Security Screen’s selection of security fly screens are designed to keep most insects out. The mesh that covers the entire surface of the fly screen has very small gaps, so it can keep out mosquitoes, flies, bees, and most other insects.

When and how to clean security fly screens?

For the long-term quality of your security fly screens, regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended. Fortunately, the task is not onerous and a wipe with soft cloth soaked in a mix of warm water and detergent, then a rinse, every 6 to 12 months (unless in particularly harsh environments) is enough to keep the screens in good shape.

Can pets damage security fly screens?

Safeway Security Screens locally manufactures our products, including our security fly screens. We only use the highest quality of materials, ensuring that our screens and doors are durable and strong. With that said, it’s best to keep your pets from scratching at fly screens to preserve them for as long as possible.


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