Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

At Safeway we believe we are the most competitive in the business. With this in mind, we offer you our “Price Guarantee”. How does it work? Simple. If you receive a better price on an identical product we will beat it. Just call your Security consultant and discuss with him the better offer you have. We may require a copy of the better quote, but once we have agreed and confirmed the order, we will have your screens and doors installed quickly.

Life time component warranty

Lifetime Component Warranty

Safeway Security Screens Exclusive Lifetime Component Warranty covers component parts in your Safeway Security Screens door. A component part is:

  • The lock and locking mechanism
  • The handles
  • The hinges
  • The rollers in a sliding door

If any of these parts fail, wears out, or simply just doesn’t work, Safeway Security Screens® will replace them, onsite, and you don’t pay a cent for parts. A call out fee is applicable. This warranty is on top of our standard 1 year lock warranty, which covers a lock failing for a period of 1 year from date of installation.

Break-in Guarantee

Lifetime Break-in Guarantee

Safeway Security Screens® Excusive Lifetime Break-in Guarantee covers
you in the case of illegal entry to your home. Under the guarantee we
agree to replace, within 14 days, free of charge, any Safeway security
screen or Safeway key locked security door that is damaged in order for
the illegal entry to occur.

The guarantee covers Safeway manufactured and installed key locked security doors and security screens and does not cover any other damage to your home, including any damage done to door frames or window frames that the Safeway product has been attached to. It does not cover the replacement of a door or screen if entry to the home has not occurred. It does not cover commercial or industrial premises. To claim for the replacement screen or door we require a copy of the police report, and will have the door or screen replaced within 14 days totally free of charge.


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