Why You Should Install Fly Screen Doors

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Flies that find their way to your home aren’t just pesky. Think of the garbage, food scraps, manure and other dirty surfaces that they’ve been on. Then, think of the bacteria, germs and parasite that they could be carrying as they land on your kitchen table or on the food you prepared.

You can control flies and get rid of breeding sites by disposing food scraps properly, keeping your rubbish bins tightly closed and regularly emptied, cleaning up after your pets as soon as they’re done with their business and simply keeping the house clean. But these preventive efforts aren’t always enough.

Many Perth homes have a fly screen door — and for a good reason. Make sure those pesky flies stay away from your indoor space by installing these doors on your property.

Safeway Security Screens lists down the benefits of fly screen doors so you’ll have more reasons to get them.

Prevent insects from bothering you at home.

Don’t let those flies and other insects buzz around you while you try to relax. Fly screen doors also prevent birds, small animals, leaves and debris from getting into your house.

Stop pesky insects from sticking to your walls.

Flies tend to fly against walls, making for an unpleasant sight. Save yourself from this frustrating problem by preventing those pesky little insects from getting into your property in the first place.

Get flies and other insects away from your food.

Flies and other insects don’t care whose snack is on the table or whose food you’re preparing. Install a fly screen door in your kitchen to keep them out while you prepare food and when you eat.

Keep your clean clothes away from insects.

Flies gravitate toward warm and dark environments. So if they get into your home, they might dwell in your drawers and cabinets. They might leave holes and stains on your clothes.

Minimise your usage of harmful pesticides.

Why expose yourself and your family to the harmful chemicals in pesticides when you have an all-natural way of keeping flies and other types of insects away from your indoor space?

Protect your family’s health and well-being.

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Fly screen doors contribute to health and hygiene, too. They keep your home free from insects that spread germs and bacteria on any surface they touch. It keeps your family safe from related health concerns.

Let fresh air and natural light into your home.

By installing fly screen doors at home, you’re encouraging natural airflow and letting natural light into your home without fear of insect infestation. This could contribute to lower energy bills, too.

What type of fly screen door should you get?

It’s hard to imagine Australian homes without fly screen doors. They keep pesky insects out and let fresh air in. They make your life easier and protect your family against insect-related health problems. So if your home doesn’t already have fly screen doors, consider having them installed sometime soon.

It also helps that contemporary fly screen doors now double as security doors. So in addition to keeping your home bug-free, these doors add a layer of security and privacy to your home. They deter everything and everyone from buzzing mosquitoes to lurking burglars.

Safeway Security Screens helps you determine the most suitable type of fly screen doors for your home:

SecureView Fly Screen Doors

These contemporary fly screen doors are made with high-quality stainless steel.  They’re available in a wide range of colours and would have no problem matching modern interior design.

Perforated Aluminium Fly Screen Doors

This type of fly screen door is ideal for beach and coastal properties. The product is made with perforated mesh and 1.6-mm thick aluminium. It’s powder-coated and corrosion-resistant.

Diamond Grille Fly Screen Doors

This cost-effective option is made with a 7-mm diamond grille and flywire insert that are attached to a stable aluminium frame. They can have a one-way mesh for privacy or a pet mesh for durability.

These doors can be customised to match your home architecture and interior design. Regardless of their colour and style, they will always provide protection from insects and privacy for your entire household.

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