5 Reasons to Install Security Screen Doors

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Crime statistics from the West Australia Police Force show a noticeable decrease in dwelling burglaries in Western Australia. Data from 2018-19 show a total of 23,494 offences while there were 21,183 offences reported in the 2019-20 data. As of this writing, there are 10,564 reported cases this financial year.

These numbers don’t mean you should be complacent, though. You still have to invest in home security.

While constant vigilance is the most critical factor in keeping your home safe, there are other ways you can protect yourself and your family. Security screen doors are a cost-effective way to minimise the chances of dwelling burglaries. Just make sure that the products you install meet Australian Standards.

Home safety isn’t the only benefit of security doors. In addition to stronger protection against burglaries, security doors could enhance the appearance and value of your residential property.

Safeway Security Screens provides the various ways you benefit from them.

Greater Home Security

Like the name implies, security doors are designed to keep out intruders. They don’t take away all chances of burglary happening in your property. But burglars would think twice before doing anything because the security doors make it much harder for them to step foot into your home. To them, you aren’t an easy target.

Keep your property, personal belongings and, most especially, your family safe from burglars and other intruders by installing sturdy security doors. They provide sufficient home security in otherwise safe communities.

As an extra precaution, consider installing security alarms and surveillance cameras, too.

Increased Privacy

If you’re more concerned about your neighbours trying to get a look at what happens within your property than anything else, you might want to install security doors for privacy. These doors give you an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Yet, they would make it difficult for outsiders to see what’s going on inside your house.

Security doors are also a cost-effective solution when you have backdoors or patio enclosures. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that all entrances to your house are safe from prying eyes.

Tell a security door expert about the level of privacy you want to achieve. They’ll help you determine the most suitable security door design for your property.

Higher Property Value

By installing attractive and high-quality security doors, you increase your home’s property value. Your local Safeway Security security door experts can customise doors that match your home’s existing architecture, interior design and colour scheme. The doors could even elevate curb appeal if done right.

Security doors aren’t just a safety feature for your property. It’s also a smart investment if you someday decide to rent, sell or sublet your house. People will feel more comfortable because of the added security.

Better Ventilation and Lighting


Why keep your doors closed all the time when you can install security screen doors that let the natural light in?

Security doors also improve indoor ventilation by letting in a steady flow of fresh air. They also keep flies, mosquitoes and other bugs out. And the best part is that you’re not sacrificing your security and privacy.

Security screen doors are also a good choice for the doors leading to your backyard. You’ll still have a good view of the outdoors without leaving the entrance totally open for unwanted visitors to walk through.

You might save on electricity costs, too, by letting cool air in and turning off the air conditioning more often.

Lasting Durability

In any worthwhile investment, you have to consider durability. This is a given when you decide to install security doors. These doors are typically made of aluminium and stainless steel, making them stronger and sturdier than normal doors. They protect your home from strong winds, bushfires, hail and other extreme weather conditions.

Over time, your security doors might show signs of wear but you can guarantee that they’ll last for many years.

It’s time to install security doors at home.

At Safeway Security Screens, we provide custom-built security doors that match your requirements and meet Australian Standard AS5039. Meanwhile, our security door fitting and installation services meet AS5040. Talk to us about your security door needs in Perth today. Call us on (08) 9256 3466.

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